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    Acts@22A - 27 Dec 2018

    27.12.18 | Acts@22A

      SHARE:                       U Matters Dear All, My final sermon at Union will be based on the same Scripture as my first, Philippians 1:6; “I am...

      Acts@22A - 20 Dec 2018

      20.12.18 | Acts@22A

        SHARE:                       U Matters “God is guiding you, like it or not.” I received that message from a friend this week and I have been...

        Acts@22A - 13 Dec 2018

        13.12.18 | Acts@22A

          SHARE:                       U Matters It is difficult to write about joy as I am grieving my impending leaving of this great church. Who was it that said...

          Acts@22A - 6 Dec 2018

          06.12.18 | Acts@22A

            SHARE:                       U Matters The Children's Christmas Musical is this Sunday: "Bethlehem Newsflash!". Let me give you a Hong Kong newsflash, you...

            Acts@22A - 29 Nov 2018

            29.11.18 | Acts@22A

              SHARE:                     Message from the Joint Leaders 2019 Church ThemeAfter a lot of prayer, the Deacons have settled on the theme: "The Father's Heart, Our...

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