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Our Leadership

The Leadership of Union Church is made up of the Pastoral Staff (which you can learn more about under Our Leaders & Staff), and the Trustees, the Deacons' Court and the Committee of Management.


The Trustees of Union Church are a body corporate and hold the land and property of Union Church upon trust for the purpose of a church for the public worship of God and for preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the principles and usages of Protestant Christians. They are charged not to introduce or support presbyterianism, independency, episcopacy or any other form of church order and government about which there may be difference of opinion. They attempt to hold true to the Declaration of Faith and Order written in 1849 by those who founded the church that while “we [individuals] may differ in small matters, we [Union Church] agree in great realities”.


The Deacons' Court meets monthly, with the Senior Pastor acting as Moderator, to discuss matters related to the spiritual welfare of Union Church, including the church's ministries, worship, and prayer. The Clerk of the Deacons' Court, elected annually by the deacons, is responsible for calling the meetings of the Deacons' Court, maintaining minutes of the meetings, and such other duties as the Deacons may decide.


The Committee of Management is responsible for the management of the Church including property, HR and finance, and the temporal affairs of the Church. The Committee is comprised of not less than 10 and no more than 15 voting members elected at the annual general meeting together with the following ex-officio members, the Senior Pastor, the Honorary Secretary, and the Honorary Treasurer.