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Job Opportunity

1) Assistant Youth Director
Union Youth Group is a growing and dynamic group of youth aged 11 to 18 years old from different ethnic and social backgrounds. We are looking for an Assistant Youth Director to help the Youth Director in his mission to shepherd the many youth who come to our church.


  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Good biblical knowledge.
  • Good public speaking and communication skills.
  • Familiarity with youth culture.
  • Artistic skills are a plus, but not a requirement.


  • To create a fun, loving, and safe atmosphere at Union Church Youth Group.
  • Help shepherd youth to know Jesus and to grow in their faith.
  • To walk humbly with God, serve God, and help the youth to do so as well.


  • Visit an international school (or local if our representation at local schools grow) on a monthly basis.
  • Give a message/devotional to the youth on Friday nights on a regular basis.
  • Help design and lead games for the Youth Friday night every week.
  • Assist in leading Sunday Youth Group.
  • Help plan and execute a mission trip/camp twice a year.
  • Help plan and execute a fun social event once a month.
  • Help plan and execute special events (such as retreats, lock-ins, banquets, outdoor activities etc)
  • Attend Staff Meetings on Tuesday, and any other staff-related activities.
  • Attend all major youth events (retreats, mission trips, and socials).
  • Mentor students through prayers, guidance, journaling and teaching.
  • Invest in relationships with the youth by attending their school events, sports events, music & theater shows and meet up with youth outside the church.


  • The Assistant Youth Director will report to the Youth Director. To do so, the Assistant Youth Director will meet weekly with the Youth Director. The Assistant Youth Director will also keep a log of students met and schools visited.
  • The Youth Director will consult the Assistant Youth Director in strategic/long-term planning and tactical/short-term design.



2) Creche Coordinator Main Responsibilities

  • To be responsible for and to oversee the safety and smooth running of the Creche Centre every Sunday at the appointed time and more if needed.
  • To develop the ethos of “For Under Threes” and to create a welcoming, caring, loving and family friendly environment.
  • To be responsible at all times for high standards of care and education of children between 0 to three years in accordance with Children Ministry guidelines.
  • To ensure effective communication between the Creche Center and the Children Ministry staff.
  • To be accountable and responsible for the finance directly relating to the Creche Center provision.
  • To be responsible for the enrollment in line with the enrollment/registration policy of the Children Ministry.
  • To keep a register and up to date records of all children using the Creche Center provision and to give regular feedback to Children Ministry Director on the progress of the children attending the Creche Center.
  • To be responsible for organising, monitoring and encouraging  volunteers involved in the Creche Center.
  • To build a good relationship with parents of children attending the Creche Center
  • To  make recommendations and proposals in terms of equipment and resources required for our Creche Center, but not to make decisions about any purchase and/or substantive changes to the Creche Center without the approval of the Children Ministry Director.
  • To ensure that the Creche Center is safe, clean, tidy, well organized and welcoming for families and staff.


  • Committed to Christ
  • Need to demonstrate effective time and resource management to meet the planned needs of children and families and any            anticipated demands that might be reasonably foreseen. 
  • Need to be attentive to a planned timetable whilst retaining the flexibility to be accessible and available to parents and staff.  The Creche Coordinator will need to make judgements about the delegation of tasks and responsibilities to the volunteers.
  • The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not restrictive and the Creche Coordinator may be required to undertake any other duties which may be required from time to time.  Any such duties should not, however, substantially change the general character of the post.
  • A Permanent Residence in Hong Kong or holder of HK Permanent Identity card and/or eligible to work as specified under HK labour law. We will not be able to apply for working visa for this particular position.

Official Working Hours:

Require to work every Sunday from 8:30AM to 12:30 PM, except in the month of July from 9:30AM to 12:30PM


Interested applicants for the above position(s) please contact: