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Mentoring Program

Mentoring consists of matching an experienced adult follower of Christ with a youth (aged 11 to 17), with the goal of developing soul-friendship and accountability. It fits perfectly with Union Church’s mission to make mature followers in all nations for Jesus Christ, through our united lifestyle, witness and mission. Mentoring is an old Christian practice based on the Apostle Paul’s own relationship with Timothy: in Acts 16 we learn of Paul’s decision to be Timothy’s spiritual father.

There are many benefits of a good mentoring program: role-modeling, faith development, accountability, and deepening ties within our congregation. Think of the mentor as a very good teacher at school: someone you will always remember.

The mentoring program at Union Church has the ambitious goal that all youth will be paired with a mentor by the end of 2018.

1. Fill out the online registration form (below),
2. Wait for your application to be reviewed by the Youth Director and the pastors (allow 2 weeks). You will also be asked to sign a Adult Leader Declaration and to understand the “Youth Safety Policy” of Union Church.


-the name of the mentor is proposed to the family (parents and youth),
-matching will be done on a same-gender basis,
-mentor meets one time with the parents of the mentee,
-all three parties (parents, mentor, youth) sign a mentoring contract to align expectations,

-> the mentoring starts! <-

-a “Mentor’s Kit” will be given to the mentors, including the mentoring contract, guidelines on how to lead a mentoring session, suggested materials, and some key questions to ask the mentee during the sessions.
-a copy of the book Mentor Like Jesus: His Radical Approach to Building the Church by Regi Campbell will be given to each mentor.
-a “Mentor’s Training” will take place in the Fall 2018 and in the Spring 2019. Mentors are invited to participate in these trainings to deepen their mentoring skills.
-the Youth Director and the pastors of Union Church are always here to answer your questions and help you develop mentoring skills.

Expectations of the mentors

1. Meet one-on-one with your mentee once month
2. Check in with him/her every other week (phone call, text, message…)
3. Attend one meaningful event of your mentee during the year (sport, graduation, play, band performance etc)
4. Communicate on a regular basis (at least every 2 months) with the Youth Director and the parents

The program runs through the academic year of 2018-2019 and will end in June 2019. It will be reevaluated then (with a preference for a program that lasts longer to see continuity and stability).

Mentoring Meeting Structure

Curriculum for the devotional/study time
The majority of the time in mentoring is spent through studying the Scriptures, to help the mentees (and the mentors) to grow in their faith. There are 2 steps to choose the appropriate curriculum:

1st step: assessing the level of your mentee
Before jumping into a curriculum, we advise to assess the level of your mentee in terms of knowledge of the Bible and Christianity. Here are a few simple questions that will help you to assess if your mentee is at beginner level, intermediary, or advanced.
Have you done Confirmation?
Have you attended Sunday School?
Have you ever read a book of the Bible?
Do you know the different sections of the Bible?

2nd step: chossing the materials

Once you’ve evaluated the level of your mentee, we advise that you choose a material from our list of recommended curriculums:


Beginner Intermediary Advanced
Growing Strong in God’s Family (Navigators)

Growing in Christ (Navigators)

Studying a book of the Bible (from LifeChange Edition)

Deepening Your Roots in God’s Family (Navigators)

Studying a book of the Bible (from LifeChange Edition)
Bearing Fruit in God’s Family (Navigators)

Experiencing God (Blackaby)

Studying a book of the Bible (from LifeChange Edition)

Benefits of being a mentor
-engagement with the Union community,
-spiritual formation for both the youth and mentor,
-a simple way (1 coffee/month) to contribute to the mission of the Church,
-growing deeper in your own faith.

Benefits for the youth
-creates a real bond with the church,
-spiritual formation,
-role-modeling with an older and faithful Christian,
-a way to keep the youth morally and psychologicaly safe with guidance from an adult other than their parents.

Useful Contact:
Hunter Purvis, Youth Director:
Youth Ministry: