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Friday Youth Group

Welcome to Friday Youth Group at Union Church!

This program is open to youth between 11 to 17 years-old, and is supervized by the Youth Director of Union Church.

Below is a description of Friday Youth Group that should help you to understand this program better.


The purpose of Friday Youth is to learn more about the Christian faith while building relationships with other youth and adult leaders.


Youth are divided into 2 ages:
Juniors (born in 2004, 2005, and 2006)
Seniors (2003 and before)

In June of each year, Juniors graduate to Seniors.


Every Friday of the academic year, from 9:45 to 10:45AM, with the exception of a few Fridays(Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter.. check schedule below for accurate dates).

The hours are:
Juniors: 6:00PM-8:00PM
Seniors: 7:30-9:00PM (with optional hangout until 10PM)

The structure of the night is:

6-6:15 hangout/ games
6:15-6:20 connect w/ another youth
6:20-6:30 sharing about each other’s life
6:30-6:45 pedagogical games
6:45-7 message from a leader
7-7:30 30min small group (+prayer)
7:30-8 Dinner (w/ Seniors)

7:30-8 Dinner (w/ Juniors)
8-9 Small Group Discussion
9-10PM Optional hangout



Every month we are rotating between 4 different types of night:

Leader’s Christian Testimony
The goal of testimony nights are to forge a stronger connection between the youth are our Adult Leaders. Leaders are invited to share their personal testimony of faith to the youth, describing the journey to Christ and their motivations behind giving time to their Friday nights.

Life-Style Lesson
Life-style lesson nights are centered on teaching our youth different lessons regarding how to live a Christian life.

Biblical Concept
Biblical concept nights are focused on building up the youth with basic biblical ideas and familiarizing them with Scripture.

Worship/Games night
The last Friday of every month is devoted to a flexible range of possibilities, which may come in the form of a worship night, a games night, or even other possible manifestations (i.e. service projects).
The hours for Worship/Games night are 6:00PM-9:00PM for all ages.



We meet at Union Church (18/F of Sunlight Tower).
When the youth enter the premises, they are asked to sign-in and not to leave the floor, for evident safety reasons. Once the night end, the youth need to sign-out before they head back home.


Below is the Program for Spring 2018:


Thank you for considering joining Friday Youth Group at Union Church!
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