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Prison Ministry

Men - Nick Appel

Union church men have been partnering with the Hong Kong Christian Kun Sun Association and serving at Stanley Prison for 10 years serving the Other Nations (Non-Chinese) inmates. The classes started with an average of around 15 men joining the classes. Now each month we average 60. In these ten years we have seen inmates come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and some decide to get baptised inside the prison as a statement of their faith in Jesus.
Highlights of 2018 was Kun Sun’s 40th Anniversary of prison ministry. KSA held a walkathon to raise funds and symbolise 40 years of walking together in prison ministry. Union church members joined the walkathon as a sign of unity and being one of the long term KSA partners walking together in this ministry. The Union Church Stanley Prison team participated in the ‘Bless You Month’ ceremony where we sang and danced for the Senior officer of the prison in order to share the blessings of Christ to the prison and encourage inmates to live out their faith and share words of encouragement to their fellow inmates and also those who work in the prison. This helped to create a strong working partnership and harmony inside the prison allowing more opportunities for the gospel to be shared through the lives of the believers.

Women - Yan Yu

There are 12 ladies in the team, led by Yan. We launched a ladies prison ministry in December 2018, so far we have had three visits. Each time a team of nine, visit women prisoners in the Tai Lam correctional institution. We are committed to visiting six times a year, though some of us (Janita Dubois and Yan) visit more often with mixed teams including volunteers from other churches.