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Bless the City

Bless the City
What a glorious day on Saturday, 4 May 2019, was! In spite of the threat of rain (and actual rain!), Jesus' love was shared throughout Hong Kong and all of our hearts were made a little bigger and a little softer.
  • 225 Toiletry kits were packed, including 95 gift bags for Sons and Daughters to use in their outreach, 50 men's kits for Impact Hk, and 75 women's kits for other organizations 
  • We shared peaceboxes, lunch, fellowship and home visits with 50 elderly neighbors 
  • We shared a picnic lunch, fellowship, and stories with 30 refugee women and their children 
  • A group learned about and prayed for vulnerable teens in Mong Kok with Teen's Key
  • The art jam in Tamar Park offered cookies, conversation, and the opportunity to paint to passers-by.
Many thanks to all who participated, donated and especially those who helped to lead or organize: Justin and the youth for leading worship, along with leading the Art Jam with Hunter, Theresa Cheung for leading the elderly visit, Isabella Ng for coordinating the picnic with refugees, Kathy Foley for coordinating the work with Sons and Daughters, Elizabeth Thomson for bringing her packing system and expertise from the Amber Foundation and Sonia and Jong Lee for coordinating the prayer walk with Teen's Key.

See pictures below on Bless the City, 4 May 2019, also see the past BTC in the previous year. Are you involved with a charity that would like to be part of Bless the City in the future?  Talk to Monte Peterson! 


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